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Seamless Tape Extensions


Tape in hair extensions are the latest technology in hair extensions.

Tape is fast, easy to fit and very comfortable to wear. Tape is also the least damaging of all the bonding techniques as the weight is spread over a 4cm area and placed 1mm from the scalp. Each tape is 4cm by 1cm in size. The tapes are designed in such a way that the extensions can grow out for 6 – 8 weeks (+/- 2 months) without twisting and turning which can cause damage.

Tape comes in packs of 10 tapes per colour, in 45cm, 50cm and 55cm.

Installation time for a full head is 30-45min.

Half a head: 20 tapes (50g)

Full head: 40 tapes (100g)

Hollywood head: 60 tapes (150g)

Our tape hair extensions are re-usable and can be re-taped by using our special Italian re-bonding tape. Maintenance on tape extensions must be done every 2 months.

Fashion Tapes


Fashion tapes can be bought as single tapes in the colour of your choice. Colours can be mixed and matched to create your own unique and colourful look. Fashion tapes can be installed as a “sandwich” by placing two tapes on top of each other or by folding one tape in half. Folding tapes are only allowed if one or two single tapes are installed, but not for a full head. Folding a tape will shorten the maintenance time by 3-4 weeks, as oppose to 6-8 weeks for normal 4cm tape sandwiches.

Colours can go lighter over time. This is due to chlorine in water. We can colour your fashion tapes if fading happens.

Colours available: Aqua, Blue, Purple, Lavender, Pink, Rose and Red

Micro Rings


We use I-tip keratin strands that fit perfectly into the micro rings.

We use aluminium micro rings with a silicone lining on the inside wall which protects the hair

Keratin Bonded Strands


We use Italian keratin which is very gentle on the hair. It melts without reaching a high temperature, so the hair does not suffer damage. Italian keratin is also stronger than most keratin, therefor the hair won’t slip out if cared for properly.

We use the I-tip shape, so that each strand can be used either for keratin hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions.

Our I-tip strands are 0.8g per strand.

Half a head: 50-75 strands

Full head: 100-125 strands

Hollywood head: 150+ strands

Keratin crystals are used to re-bond the hair every 2-3 months.



Our clip-ins come in sets of 5 pieces per set (110g) 

Clips are sewn on to a weave to give the client the flexibilty of inserting the hair when she prefers. Clip-ins are not designed to be worn everyday, but on special occasions or for shorter periods of time. Clip-in hair is perfect for brides, matric dances, photoshoots or simply for looking fabulous on a night out.

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